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Travelling By Bicycle

Traveling by cycling is one of those great activities that seems to have an almost endless list of advantages. There may be particular elements about it that you especially enjoy, including the fact that it allows you to exercise in a fun and relatively inexpensive manner. In addition, you may visit some city and have a great experience and great time.

Some people like the fact that they can race competitively, or take on more difficult landscapes, making use of their mountain bikes. For others, it’s more about getting from one place to another. But I feel a little sorry for those who mainly thinking of bicycles as offering a means of transport – bicycles are great way for travel and sightseeing.

There’s so much more to cycling than simply using a bike for your daily commute. For me, I think one of the great pleasures associated with bicycles is the fact that they allow you to spend time with friends and family while traveling. There’s nothing quite like a family travel, but instead of a car ride, you use a bike for a ride.

Even if you live in an urban area, it’s likely that you’ll be able to set off from home and soon reach a pleasant setting. Personally, I love nothing more than getting out into the country. There’s something special about traveling by a bike down a country lane, or maybe making use of a path that’s been specifically designed for cyclists.

We often take lunch and stop along the way, finding a suitable meadow. Although country walks can also be nice, a bike travel-ride allows you to cover more ground during the day. It gives you the opportunity to see more places as a result. Having said this, we do try and avoid riding too fast. The problem with racing along is that you end up missing out on so many things. So when you want to travel by bike, it is best not to race but rather to enjoy in traveling by cycling and sightseeing.

So what helps to make the perfect family outing? My top tips would include taking suitable clothing for all weathers. You don’t want to be caught out in a sudden rain shower. It’s always a good idea to wear plenty of layers, some of which can be removed if you’re getting too hot riding.

Make sure that you have the appropriate safety equipment and try to plan routes that will appeal to your children. You might try and plan a route that takes in different types of scenery, or passes places of interest. Traveling by cycling is more than just traveling – it is enjoying in the environment that you see.

We tend to have a number of routes that we make use of. Sometimes the kids grow so fond of a particular route that they want to go back again and again! Bike travel is one of the best activity for kids and you should give them that opportunity whenever you can.

There’s nothing quite like spending quality time as a family. Consider a bike ride the next time you want to have a fun weekend with your family. Also make sure that you look for the best bicycles for you wife and kids – my personal recommendation is to look for best mountain bikes for ladies in order to find good bicycles at a reasonable price. Traveling by cycling must be comfortable before anything since you and your family will enjoy in the landscapes – otherwise the travel could be grueling and dull.

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Biking is really addictive, and sooner or later you will find yourself on a mountain (or a hill) with a bicycle. You might start cycling on the streets, but as I mentioned it is addictive. But if you want to go off-road then you must buy an off-road bike aka mountain bike. There is a great difference between mountain bikes and normal city strolling bikes and I will avoid explaining that difference.

Please avoid, first reading then looking for best mountain bikes for ladies, and jump straight to looking into bikes that will suit you and your desired type of mountain cycling. Mountain bikes for ladies have some modification that suit women, but the difference in cost between buying one of those bikes and buying necessary parts to modify normal bike for your needs is big and obviously in favor of the second.

First you should go on one or two organized bicycle tours on a mountain. This will help you determine what kind of mountain cycling you want which will affect the type of bike frame you should buy.

Hardtails is a bike frame that has only frontal fork suspension. Bikes with this type of suspension are made for general off-road terrain cycling. Bigger the irregularity of the road the better the handles will act. Bikes with hardtails suspension system are made to go very fast over off-road terrain and therefore they are not suited for hard, technical descends over rocky terrain.

Full suspension bikes have both the frontal fork suspension and some type of suspension on the back. Some full suspension bikes are made to go over general off-road terrain, like bikes with hardtails suspension, except the ride is somewhat slower and more pleasant. Other full suspension bikes are made for already mentioned technical descends over rocky and very uneven terrain. Big amount of suspension is required for jumps and steep descends Downhillers and Freeriders love. You can also look into material of bike frame, but this isn’t really that important. In most cases price will tell you everything. The cheapest bike frames are made out of steel or aluminum (if you are to buy a cheap bike then go with steel frame because good aluminum bikes don’t come with small price tag).

Middle price range bikes are made out of aluminum and sometimes carbon (for middle price range bikes, aluminum bike frames should be used). The priciest bikes have frames made out of either carbon or titanium (if you are willing to give several thousands of dollars for a bike then it is up to you to choose the material you want, both of these materials are excellent for bikes).

And finally you have a question of comfort. The comfort includes saddle, pedals, handle and all other small things that might get in your way out there. Only good thing that came out of bicycles for women hype are saddles that are made for women due to their anatomical difference. There are hundreds of handle types and I am sure that you will be able to find several that are to your liking.

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Traveling by cycling is a thing most people haven’t done before, but those who have done say that it’s an extraordinary experience. People who have traveled by cycling even went as far as saying that it’s an ultimate freedom. Seeing how much fun and amazing experience they had, you might wish to try it as well, but before you do, there are a couple of things you should ask yourself and these questions should be answered before you embark on your journey.

Doing something you’ve never done before might seem scary at first, but if you’re well prepared and have everything planned out, there is nothing to worry about. So, the first thing you should ask yourself is this – How long do you want to travel ?

There are those who go off cycling around the world and don’t come back to their homes for 2 or 3 years. Not many people can do that, but traveling by cycling doesn’t have to take that long. You can cycle for a month, or even a week or two. No matter what you decide, the only important thing is to calculate the distance you are able to travel in the desirable time frame.
Next question is where do you want to travel to?

When it comes to cycling, it does matter in which environment you will be cycling. Make sure you prepare yourself properly. Adjust your clothes to the temperature and climate, if you’re heading towards rocky mountain roads, your bike should be made for that kind of environment. Some of the best mountain bike manufacturers are Track, GT, Santa Cruz. If you’re going somewhere nice and smooth, mountain bikes won’t do you any good. While we’re on the subject ”where do you want to travel” remember that there are different routes for bikes, special maps as well. Learn the terrain and choose the best route before you go.

Also, what kind of shape are you in is an important question. Don’t take any challenges you’re not sure you can overcome. Before traveling to places you’ve decided to go to, make sure to test whether or not you will be able to withstand the journey. If you’re not sure, maybe it’s best to head for an easier destination and train a bit before you take on a harder one. When it comes to traveling, one of the most important questions is what you should bring. Cycling gear like helmet and other kinds of protective clothes are a must. Other than that, everything else is circumstantial. Of course, bring water and even food if you know you will travel without stopping for more than an hour or two. But everything else depends on the journey you’re taking.

When it comes to traveling with a bicycle, a normal thing to assume is that you will have to rest somewhere and spend the night before you reach your destination. You can choose either to camp or spend your nights at a motel. Either way, look at the maps and plan carefully. Don’t decide on the road, decide on everything before you start your journey.

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The advancement in technology has made a huge impact on our daily lives. If you take a peek into the past, only 50 years ago, we had nothing like we have today. Today, you go to work, sit at your desk for 8 hours, come home, sit on the couch, watch TV. If you feel like eating something, you can always order. Anything you need, you can find online. You don’t even need to go out to shop for anything anymore. If you didn’t want to, you wouldn’t have to leave your house for anything other than work, and some jobs are even done from home.

Sure, we have a lot more choice today than we had before, but it’s not all that great. Because of all this, our weight is becoming more and more of an issue and our daily activity is at a minimum. Not only is it bad for your physical shape, it’s also bad for your health. If you haven’t already decided on an activity you would like to do outside of your home, why not try cycling?

There is a saying ” A car runs on money and makes you fat while a bicycle runs on fat and saves you money ”. This saying is not just a saying, it’s a hundred percent truth. When it comes to cycling you can use it to travel to work, you can cruise around town simply as a hobby or you could travel by cycling. No matter which one you choose, you will be exercising and living a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re interested in traveling by cycling, there are a couple of things we would like to share with you.

First of all, if you are a beginner and live near a mountain, you might want to choose a mountain bike. Giant, Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, these are some of the best mountain bike manufacturers who you can trust. However, if you’re not going to ride on bumpy roads, make sure you buy a suitable bike.

When it comes to traveling long distances with a bicycle, here are some of the things you should know.

First of all, wear proper clothes. You should know the destination you’re heading and whether it’s warm, cold, sunny, windy or whatever. Wearing proper clothes is half the job. Imagine if you had light clothes on a windy ride during a cold day, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable, would it?
Secondly, learn how to perform minor repairs. If something bad happens on the road, it’s best if you can apply ” First aid ” yourself. Not all the problems are critical, don’t let some minor problem stop you from reaching your destination.

The last piece of advice we will leave you with is, make good preparations when it comes to food and water. It’s very important to carry water with you at all times and if you’re traveling longer distances even food. If you can’t carry enough because you’re traveling too far, see a map where you can rest, refill your water supply and eat something before you embark on your journey. These were some of the important things to know when traveling by cycling.

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There are many prejudices and wrong attitudes about winter cycling, and the cold is probably the biggest problem for most people. However, if it is done properly, winter cycling is as beneficial as cycling during any other time of year. In Scandinavian countries, for example, people ride bicycles while it’s snowing, when the temperatures are below zero, and they even do it together with their children. If you love cycling, but still hesitate to ride during winter months, we bring you some tips on how to begin.

When should you ride a bike in the snow? There is no universal answer to this question, because everyone determines their own comfort zone. If you still have not cycled in winter, the basic rule is: start slowly. Try riding a few laps around the block to get the idea of your skills, as well as the behavior of your bike on the road. Choose the proper bike for your skill, gender and height. If you ride with your children, make sure you are all safe, and choose some of the top 10 youth 24 inch mountain bikes for them.

Clothes are another important issue when cycling in winter. Generally, cyclists’ winter wardrobe is not much different from the one of pedestrians. What you absolutely need are gloves, a scarf and a hat. It is important to protect the head and hands. Tights are also very useful, because they will keep your knees and lower body warm. Sweating on a bicycle in winter comes from the combination off too much clothes and riding too fast, which brings us to the next important issue: how you should ride the bike in the snow.

Although most people prefer walking in winter, walking on snow can be more complicated than balancing on two wheels. Therefore, it is more likely that you will slip and fall as a pedestrian but as a cyclist. With three basic rules, riding a bike in the snow is far from impossible or dangerous: do not drive fast, does not brake suddenly and do not steer sharply. Keep the speed not higher than 15 kilometers per hour. Avoid turning on smooth surfaces (tiles, marble and smooth curbs), because rubber adhesion is much smaller on these surfaces and it is easier to slip.

Beware of the strong side winds: if the wind blows so much that it almost pushes you, get off the bike, find a cleared path where there is no so much wind and go on cycling.


The following issue concerns the needs for your bike. White front and red rear light are a must, since the visibility is reduced in winter. Wider tires with a slightly lower pressure are preferable for winter riding, so people who drive mountain bikes need not to worry. Use oily or dry cloth to wipe the bike occasionally, and the snow can be removed by a small broom. The chain should be periodically lubricated in this period, in order to avoid rust and reduce wear. Bikes are sensitive to winter salting of roads, so after riding wash the outside mildly to remove the salt and dry the bicycle afterwards. Do not leave wet bike in the cold, because the ice can destroy it.

Cycling has a number of advantages over public transport, car and walking. It is effective and fast, there is no rush hour, waiting at the station, wet shoes or searching for parking. All you need is appropriate clothes, some skill and careful driving.

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Cycling is undoubtedly an activity with plenty of benefits, and it is becoming a popular and widespread method of traveling and commuting. There are plenty of bike types, and it may be difficult when you need to choose the right one for you. Therefore, in this article we will write about some things to consider when buying a women’s mountain bike for traveling.

Type – there are several types of mountain bikes, and depending on the distances you plan to cross, the terrain you expect to deal with, you should choose the type of bike to meet those criteria. Cross country bikes are created for moderate outdoor riding, while hardtail, full suspension and downhill are intended for bumpy and downhill riding. Freeride bikes may be the best choice if you plan to change the routes and terrains for cycling. They are very versatile, equipped with all the elements necessary for various terrains and intended for all purposes.

Size and proportions – you should choose a bicycledepending on your height and weight. If the size of the bicycle does not fit you, you may not only feel uncomfortable while riding, but the steering and controlling the bike is also more difficult, which can get you in danger. This is especially important if you plan to cross long distances on a bike, since you will spend plenty of time riding. Women’s bikes usually have different proportions of distance between saddle and pedals and saddle and handlebars than male bikes. However, make sure to test ride a bicycle in order to see how comfortable it is for your height.

Frame materials – aluminum is one of the most common materials for bike frames nowadays. It is lightweight, yet strong and durable, while still relatively inexpensive. Steel frames are durable and strong, but they make the bicycle heavy and difficult to transport, which is why they are being replaced by other materials. Titanium and carbon fiber are among the newer materials used for heavy mountain biking. They are durable and they can take all kinds of riding, but they can be subject to splitting or snapping because of the nature of material and welding work.

Features – there are other different features of bikes you should pay attention to. Women’s bikes generally have different saddle than bikes for men, because of different anatomy, but if you find a male bike suitable, you can simply buy a women’s saddle and change it. Shifting system, wheels and brakes come in different types, depending on the purpose of the bike. When choosing them, you should see what best fits your needs and preferences, because they do not differ in quality, but only in the system.

Price range – naturally, the price should also be taken into consideration when buying a bicycle. They can go from as low as $200 to over $10,000. The general rule is that you get what you pay for. Therefore, if you plan to go long distances with your bicycle, it is clever to invest in a good one, in order for it to endure all the challenges and to keep your safe while you are on the road.

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